Sunday, 18 March 2012

apple sponge pudding

Hello friends and family. At last it will be my 2 days off tomorrow. Cant wait to catch up with all my friends and visit my parents in law. My dad was complaining i don't bake us much as i use to. So i told him i will bake him some scones. Mum begs me not to, last time it was a bisciut version lol!!! ppl always remember the bad no matter how long ago it was. I Asked her what else can i try to make so she suggested i make a apple sponge pudding.
Here we go...
So at the end after putting the pudding in oven to bake for 45min. i wondered why was there an egg on the bench..... I realised OMG!!! SOO u forgot to put that in while mixing wet ingredients before adding dry. OH NO. so i had to give my mum the bad news, She said it does not matter everyone will eat it.
"My  Fingers Are crossed" it looked kind of similar to an Apple crumble which i love. Anyone love  Apple crumble? please post me a good recipe thats my next mission to make a nice Apple Crumble :)
so after 45 min Pudding look really cooked, apples juices bubbling not sure if thats ok? I give it about 15 min to cool down .Dad cannot wait to try. I whip up some cream. Handed a slice with a dollop of cream in bowl ,He made it vanish it like seconds. wow Gave to my other half its gone too.  Now my turn.OMG!!! its so sweet!!!! WOW it as sweet as it looks. so anyways. the sponge on top tasted nice like apple crumble kinda, and the apples was so sweet. so i guess if your quests and urself has a sweet tooth make this. its so easy to make :)

straight out of the oven

would you like a slice?

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